Why coaching and yoga go hand in hand


You see, my choice of the two disciplines of coaching and yoga is absolutely not accidental, nor is the name of  this website, Mind & Body Space. My studies and experiences have taught me that there is a strong relationship between our body and mind. In fact I believe they are two facets of one universal nature.

The division between body and mind that is still prevalent in the western societies is artificial and it causes us much pain. Very often we’re treating our bodies like tools not integral part of us. We sit too much because we work, we try to lose weight to fit the beauty standards. We try to subject our bodies to the demands of our over-intellectualised life and we suffer. The journey into the body and discovering how it can support us rather than stand in the way, and learning from its natural wisdom, is a necessary step to full happiness.


Yoga helps us impact how we’re feeling not only on the physical, but also psychological and emotional level. Nowadays we understand more and more how our emotional experiences can accumulate in our bodies. The patterns of reaction we have developed throughout our past manifest in muscular tensions and even our posture. Our whole nervous system is connected so is we change something on the physical level, very often we trigger a mental and emotional shift. When we stretch the nervous system and learn new patterns in our bodies, we transform all facets of our being. Certain yoga postures may also stimulate production of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for instance for our mood.


I believe that whatever we achieve throughout practice brings best results when we process it consciously and apply it in life. Feeling different after the practice is great. However, if we want a lasting change it is also good to reflect on what has come up and what we can do now to further improve our wellbeing.

This is where coaching comes in. By understanding better the relationship between our thoughts, actions, and emotions, we can see what is not serving us. Only then we may find ways to introduce changes we want in order to be happier and more fulfilled. I can tell from my experience that yoga practice very often brings up not only new experiences but also ideas and understanding of ourselves which we couldn’t access before. We can then bring this new awareness to the coaching session to overcome challenges we’re working on. If we’re not working with our bodies and emotions very often we get stuck in our thinking. Going in circles we’re not able to find the way out. That may be a good moment to step on the mat!