Would you like to experience more pleasure and aliveness in your life? To recover your sense of being whole, your connection to the body & Spirit? To feel the passion for life and freedom in your being?

This work can help you achieve that.

In these bespoke sessions you get to experience all of you, discover your power, and expand your life in ways that you’ve been longing for. I offer a blend of shamanic work, embodiment coaching, and tantric bodywork that is designed to best meet your needs.


  • developing emotional intelligence & digesting unprocessed emotions
  • addressing and working through emotional triggers & patterns (fears, anxiety, discomfort, avoidance, etc.)
  • bring more sense of meaning & aliveness into your life
  • integrating Body & Spirit – can include seeking guidance in the Spirit (or your subconscious) and practices to integrate it into your life
  • accessing a holistic sense of well-being, overcoming inner conflicts & blocks
  • overcoming a sense of separation, cultivating self-love, compassion & courage
  • stepping into a new, unapologetic, expanded version of yourself
  • be more whole and expressed in every area of your life
  • releasing physical & emotional tension from any area of your body (including genital dearmouring)
  • increasing your capacity to experience pleasure
  • improving your sex life & connection to your own sexuality

These sessions include a variety of tools, depending on your needs. I use the term bodywork in a wide sense of focusing on your body, as well as integrating other aspects of your being with the physical (Spirit – Heart – Mind – Energy). Sometimes it may include touch, sometimes it’s more about developing and using your awareness and skills at moving energy in the body.

The tantric sessions can include bodywork as well as elements of sexuality coaching. There’s an initial paid consultation required for the tantric / sexuality work.


I had four sessions with Margot. When I came to her I was feeling overwhelmed & I lacked confidence. Over the course of weeks when we’ve been working together, I’ve managed to face a few significant challenges in my life. The support I’ve received made me stick with what I knew was best for me. In our last session, I connected to the feeling I had of being a queen of my own life. I’m certain that moving forward I’ll be able to call upon this and connect to my strength more easily. I’m very grateful for the transformation that happened.

J. (she/her)

I saw Margot for a bodywork and coaching session. She made me feel immediately relaxed and facilitated the session with empathy and compassion. She is very intuitive and and it felt very much like we were working together with my vibrations and energy.

She held me and my energy and the session perfectly and I left feeling grounded and refreshed and with additional tools to help me on my journey.

Anna (she/her)

I visited Margot for bodywork and emotional healing. I arrived a bit stressed but she very quickly put me at ease. 

Margot held the space beautifully, and I felt safe, seen and held. Boundaries were discussed and adhered to, and I was comfortable and relaxed. The session was beautiful, healing and peaceful.

Since then I feel more embodied in my feminine, I am opening, shifting, flowing in my feminine power, spacious and expansive

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Margot. 

A. (she/her)

I’ve had genital dearmouring session with Margot. First of all, she created an atmosphere that put me completely at ease. The space and time she gave me made me feel very comfortable. In the session I could feel layers of tension being released from my pelvis and genitals. Afterwards I’ve experienced the feeling of being more grounded. And love making after the session was more intense and pleasurable. I would thoroughly recommend!

F. (he/him)

The session I had with Margot was very powerful for me.

Before the session I had told her I wanted to work on unlocking my creativity, but once the session started my body was clearly asking to look at something greater. Something that had been holding me back for a while now, which was my fear to be a perpetrator.
It was beautiful to feel how Margot was acting on her inner guidance and the session flowed naturally. Throughout the session I felt very safe and held.
What was most powerful for me was feeling that there were no taboos. I was even able to voice a secret that I had been holding onto since childhood. I felt completely loved and accepted throughout it and deep healing took place.
I like to choose the people I work with on their ability to look at themself. And you can definitely sense and feel that Margot is not afraid to meet herself deeply.