Let’s begin, like most good things in this world, with a little piece of story…

The best fairy-tales unfold slowly. They do not shoot into full blossom but rather mature in hiding, safe reclusion under the warm, thick layer of life’s dirt. For some, however, a day comes when they gather full life and the current sweeps you away. Lucky those, who are willing to surrender to its powers. Because they only will have the opportunity to experience the full out of this existence.

Welcome, to my imaginary world which springs out of the soil of my adventures and the yearning to discover what it means to live fully.

A work in progress

you see baby
there are things that
my heart desires
yet they were never
meant for me
craving for everything I’ve missed –
here – that could’ve been.
Still, my restless soul
tells me not to stop
to dare, to hope
that I cannot see
yet what is waiting
if I only open the door
and let it fly

No compromise

No compromise

Said my soul

On that day I can’t remember

In heaven

Before descending into this life

And I pay, oh I pay

Not knowing why

And it’s so much worth it

Makes for a better story

Tonight I mourn

Tonight I mourn
Even if I shouldn’t – my mind says –
I give myself permission
To feel what I do
Behind the anger, behind the disappointment,
There is grief:
That despite rocket science
And Dalai Lama
We still don’t know
How to communicate – well
How to read and not to misread
Between the fingertips
Of our fear, judgment, shame –
Which we hold onto
Like precious stones.
Throw them away,
Make space for the light
To fill you, until you overflow
With the courage to give – yourself.

I (don’t) suffer gladly


So full of impressions –

and so far from catching their essence.

Eluding myself


I live through stories.

I pray I can get absolution for that.

Since nevertheless reality

cuts me to the core,

peels my skin away,

pierces with its fangs.

But suffering doesn’t redeem anything,

that story was just another

sweet balm

to temp humans into

avoidance of freedom.



You can expect many things of me

(doesn’t mean I’ll obey)

but please don’t expect me to be ‘fine’.

I prefer to feel the rawness

when it’s there.

I don’t want to fit

your comfortable limits.

In the craziest fit,

I choose

Not to betray myself.

Because even

the perfection of

a peaceful moment

is a poor consolation

when you don’t feel

like you belong there.

The night is for artists 


Tonight, art is bigger than life

It burns, keep me awake

Make the time worthwhile

At least for me – nothing compares

Why didn’t I understand sooner?

But no…

Everything has its time and space

it’s irrelevant

here, there; now, then

timeless beauty

whole world, all the places

pulled into one

in this minute, second

of total awareness 

where transcendence of all

meets with paper.

Weak approximation, shameful really

is what we have left…

The one who wants to know

You take too much

Soaking up the world 

Receptive and clever


Your don’t spend 

Enough time in the void 

(yes, still)

You don’t give enough 

Of what you have 

The sacrifice of love

Just sit and let it be discovered

Put the work

Of dressing up in form

The unspeakable, undefined

Never a hundred percent there

And still – important 

More than everything 

Bad woman 

How bad am I 


I look at the moon, 

forget to fake a smile, 

don’t write, 

want the world to disappear,

think about you?


How bad would it be 


one day, 


without warning, 

I got lost in wonder,

and forgot to breathe?

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