How I work

My attitude to coaching is holistic, which means I take into consideration all aspects of you. We are simultaneously biological, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual beings – and so much more. None of those aspect is isolated from the rest, those are just different lenses of looking at the entirety of our experience.

We will discus in our initial session what are your desires and intentions for the process, and based on that I will offer you practices and questions to help you move towards those outcomes. I include work with the body because in my experience it’s the most powerful way of achieving lasting transformation. This means both body awareness and movement.

The whole process is informed by your preferences and what works best for you. It’s a collaborative process and you always can decide whether to go along with any exercise or not. I do not provide advice, but I do offer you ways to gather new experiences of yourself that you’ll be then able to incorporate in your life if you choose to.

Note on spirituality: if this way of seeing reality doesn’t agree with you – it’s not a problem. Most of my tools are rooted in the psychological and somatic paradigm and are evidence-based. If, however, you resonate with this concept, our coaching journey can include elements of ritual, shamanic and energetic practices.

Main techniques I use:

  • embodiment tools: body awareness, movement, nervous system regulation
  • narrative coaching
  • cognitive-behavioural coaching
  • mindfulness
  • visualisation
  • art therapy
  • intentional practice
  • shamanic practices and ritual

Embodied Coaching is a powerful and often quick way of achieving the results you want. Because we work directly with your patterns of behaviour and ways of being, it can have profound and lasting effects. When we change the way we feel and release old habits it usually has a ripple effect on multiple areas of our lives.

In the sessions we explore the challenges you’re facing, whilst paying attention to the signals your body is sending you. You’ll be both developing awareness of your way of being as well as exploring new possibilities. In a safe environment, you’ll be encouraged to test, experiment and get closer to your truth.

Our bodies determine who we are in this world. It is through years of conditioning, habitual emotions and ways of reacting to the outside and the inner world that we become what we are. Bringing awareness to this process is allowing you to make choices about who you’re going to be moving forward and become more free.

Things you may be invited to do in the session:

  • check in with your emotions and sensations
  • use imagination and metaphor to express how you’re feeling
  • discover what is your current expression and what are your habitual reactions
  • do movement that will allow you to free up stuck emotions and shift how you’re feeling
  • though movement and change in posture explore new ways of expressing yourself and try alternatives – which can make you feel e.g. more confident, free, playful, authentic

Gradually you’ll develop a sense of integrity between your mind and body and will be able to make better decisions, show up authentically, and live a more fulfilling life.