It sometimes takes long.

But the beauty of it is, whatever the journey, if you keep searching, you’ll learn.

My Story – Bringing creativity into your life

My path from doing my yoga training and then coaching qualification to actualy really finding my calling has been a bit bumpy and it took me a while.

I always knew I wanted to help people with my skills but I couldn’t find the enthusiasm to keep me going, the drive behind it. The last two years have been tough for me, trying to find my footing in London and still unsure why I cannot make my business work. Well, what I have in fact discovered is that I needed to find a strong ‘why’ and it wasn’t an excuse for me.

And then I was being coached and repeated again the story about the conflict between my work and my creative passions and my coach asked me why, if art and creativity are so important, I don’t build my business around them. It was deceptively simple. The truth is, I was scared. All my demons around unworthiness popped up their heads. And I’ve decided to face those fears instead of running away.

You see, I have been writing, doing an acting course, but I have not really had anything published or haven’t played any significant role. But then it dawned on me – yes, but you will not be teaching people the craft but helping them with their fears and mindset blocks, exactly the same thing I have faced so many times until I won and decided to follow my heart and my passion and invest so much time and effort into my artistic pursuits.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know this is my big ‘why’, the calling – I’m gonna use this word at the risk of sounding pretentious – to help bring more creativity and art into this world, to help people discover there is something in life beyond they day-to-day and allow themselves to pursue it. To discover they joys of following their heart, their intuition. And this is the thing that helps me stay motivated on the way of figuring out how to best serve you 🙂

Please comment and share what challenges are you encountering on your creative path and also if you’ve found ways of dealing with them.