Are you ready to start creating the life you want?

You are powerful!

You have big dreams and desire to make a change in your life or even in the world. Maybe you’ve tried. There are all those things getting in your way though:

  • Confusion and lack of clarity what you want to do or where to start
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fears and other emotional blocks
  • Bad habits you’re struggling with
  • Lack of support
  • Burnout and overwhelm
  • Limiting beliefs, like: ‘who am I to do this?’

Do any of these sound like you?

Read on, because I’ve got something just for you!


I offer you a deep transformational work, that has the potential to change the way you’ve been relating to yourself and how you’ve been feeling about your life. That can empower you to create a life that feels authentically yours, aligned with your needs and desires.



  • learn how to feel all the feelings, and still show up to do the things you care about
  • practice tools to reduce your stress levels
  • get clarity on the steps you need to take towards your dreams
  • connect with your intuition
  • and with a deeper sense of meaning & purpose
  • overcome burnout
  • embody a new sense of confidence, self-love, self-esteem
  • connect to the parts of you that have been hidden, to your untapped potential and deep desires
  • experience unconditional permission to be who you are
  • discover your true gifts and be ready to shine them into the world


I deliver to you a deep container that is the result of years of personal and professional development. I’m leading our sessions in a way that is both intuitive and informed by a wealth of knowledge and experience (you can check my ‘about me’ page to see my credentials). I spend time preparing for every session, and reflecting on each client’s needs and desires, to support you most powerfully in your transformation.

My approach is a blend of psychological and coaching knowledge, shamanic wisdom, skills that help us reconnect to our bodies and develop the awareness of all aspects of ourselves.



I work in packages, usually of 8 sessions. This is because a lasting transformation requires commitment and time to unfold. That said, if after our first session you decide it’s not right for you, I will refund you the remaining ones.

I do free discovery calls to ensure we are the right fit for working together. Based on that consultation we will confirm the length of initial commitment that makes sense given your intentions for our work. There’s always an opportunity to purchase further sessions afterwards.