I have not come here to live a half-assed life.
I hope neither have you.

I want to revel in the pleasure of creation.
I want for my actions to be an expression of the immense love I have for Life. A testament to the Eros that is flowing through my body. The realisation of the glorious joys of the matter, flesh, and Spirit incarnate.
I want to own the power I have to make impact and not let my fears get in the way. Day by day I’m doing more to embody this path. It hasn’t always been that way though.

I’ve been through my dose of adversity. Growing up in a trauma-inducing household. Not knowing how much it impacted me for a long time. Suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts and eating disorder through most of my university years. Pushing myself too hard, subconsciously seeking to get safety & acceptance, by following rules other told me would ‘assure my future.’ Disregarding the suffering that was part of my day-to-day.

When I graduated, I didn’t go onto a career that would be nice and steady. All those years of building an illusion – broken. Enough was enough. I rebelled. I luckily found enough self-love and respect to stand up for myself and prioritise my recovery. As soon as I got the glimpses that something else was possible. After one workshop, I went to an acting school, in pursuit of my aliveness. It was not a fully happy story, but I’ll leave that for another time. The important point is, the first steps were made. It was a great preparation for all that was to come.

Over the next years I went deeper and deeper into exploration of the things that brought me to life. Things that my heart and body knew were true. I went through many initiations, led mostly by my intuition. By trust in the intelligence of life unfolding through me. Against the messages I was getting from the outside. I was in a very privileged position to be able to even consider doing it. Still, working through my survival fears, fears associated with following a path nobody could assure me of.
Somewhere along the journey, staying true to myself became more important than survival. I realised I didn’t want to live a life cut away from myself. At all cost, I didn’t want to go back to how I was feeling when I was at Uni.

An important impact on that journey was ISTA. Attending the first one, discovering the world of Sacred Sexuality, and feeling like I was home. Like somewhere deep inside me, I always sensed the longing for such approach to our humanity & sexuality, I sensed it should be this way – but I didn’t know it was really possible, didn’t have role models for that.

There’s so much more I could say about what followed. For today I want to say: if you’re living a life that feels dull, disconnected, overwhelming, not worth it – know it doesn’t have to be that way. So much more is possible. Know that the possibility of pleasure & fulfilment is real. That you are worthy enough to rebel against the dying culture that you see around, and start being the change and part of the co-creation of new ways. And if you’re already on that path but it feels tough – yes it is, I feel you. Don’t let that stop you mid-way.

Know that you deserve support on that journey, too. We’re not meant to do it alone. We need allies, mentors, community. All the support we can get, because the battle is tough. It’s not your fault that living authentically has become so hard in today’s world. If you wish to live differently though, you can now take responsibility for making that happen.

There are many ways, trainings, books, mentors. If you’ve read so far and you feel drawn to my words, perhaps you want to talk about how I may support you myself. I’d be honoured to help you walk the path of recovering your sense of Self and aliveness, if that’s what you desire. Do reach out for a free call to explore this possibility. I offer 1-2-1 coaching & mentoring work.

Sending you love, wherever you are on that path back to yourself. Carry on ❤️